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"Old Red" Tops

The "Old Red" tops made their debut in 2005 and have long been a staple of each Buchanan team in the last 15 years. The Old Reds have been worn in one Valley Championship game--a game the Bears won in 2006. Since their debut as a traditional home and away uniform, a white hat has been worn with these along with the baby blue pants. Baby blue pants were added to this top for the first time during the 2019 season.

"White Vests"

The "White Vests" were released for the 2011 season. This uniform combo has been worn for one Valley Championship, in 2011 when Buchanan defeated Centennial for the program's first National Championship.

"Gray Vests"

The "Gray Vests" were re-released in 2013 after undergoing an upgrade. Previously, the gray vest had a "Buchanan" script across the chest and the uniform came out when the Bears fielded their first varsity team in school history. After being shelved for the 2000s, an upgraded version was released and is now the go-to when the Bears play on the road.


Coined by the name "Cincinnati's", this jersey made its debut in 2014. Just like the name, this jersey replicates the Cincinnati Reds' red top. This top has never appeared on the road and has only been used in home far. 


The "Astros" jersey gets its name from the Houston Astros and the striping pattern they used from the 1975-1986 seasons. This jersey was released in the 2013 season. This top's one apperance in a Valley Championship was a win in 2015. Since it came out, blue pants have been added as a combination. Adding blue pants to this top first appeared in 2016.  

"Royal Blues"

The "Royal Blues" became part of the collection in 2008 and have been worn at home or on the road at various points.  


The "Charcoals" made their debut in 2013 and have been mainly worn at home with the white hat throughout their existence. The jersey made it's first road showing in 2019 with our traditional red hat.

"Baby Blues"

The "Baby Blues" came out in 2016 and has been a favorite ever since. The Baby Blues were worn in their only Valley Championship game in 2016, which was when the Bears also captured the program's second National Championship.

"Navy Vests"

The "Navy Vests" were released in 2007 and are used sparingly throughout each season. The jerseys have been used in both home and away games throughout their existence. At home they are worn with the white hat while on the road the red hat is used.


The "Creams" were purchased for the 2017 season and are only used at home. This uniform set comes with knicker style pants for all players which requires the pants to be rolled up for everyone on the team. This combo has been used with the red hat in the past, but the blue hat with this combo was debuted in 2019.

"New Navy"

These tops and hats made their debut in the 2020 season.

BHS Vandy 5.jpg

"Red Pinstripes"

The newest combination in the collection. This combo was purchased before the start of the 2022 season.

Red pennies w hat.png

Specialty combos

For the various events that happen on some of our game days, we have a collection of different jerseys to wear. The pink jersey is worn for the Breast Cancer Awareness game which takes place every year. The black jersey is worn for Public Safety Night and the camouflage jersey is worn for Military Appreciation Night.

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